Re: ld reports 'relocation truncated to fit'
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 22:43:39 +0500

>>> Topi Kanerva said:
> i've been trying to compile nethack on my multia running redhat-4.0.
> compiles ok but ld seems to have trouble linking:
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/alpha-linux/2.7.2/crtend.o(.text+0x14): relocation
> truncated to fit: LITERAL __CTOR_END__
> worn.o: In function `setworn':
> worn.c(.text+0x60): relocation truncated to fit: LITERAL worn
> worn.c(.text+0xc4): relocation truncated to fit: LITERAL $C32
> write.o: In function `dowrite':
> write.c(.text+0x1b0): relocation truncated to fit: LITERAL $C33
> write.c(.text+0x244): relocation truncated to fit: LITERAL $C34
> ...90K of this stuff deleted...
> first these looked like non-fatal messages to me, but it didn't produce an
> output file, so looks like i'm out of luck here. what's the deal with
> these relocations, really? i've just switched from linux/m68k to
> linux/alpha, and don't know much about the arch... :(

These are errors caused by the size of the binary being built; you wouldn't
want to run the binary if there actually were one there... :-(

We just wrestled a bit with this when building XEmacs 19.14; the solution
was to make certain that all libraries used were dynamically loaded,
including making a couple of new ones from their static versions. You may
need to make some of the NetHack support binaries into dynamic libraries to
further this along.

Good luck.


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