Re: IDE disks
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 22:32:10 +0500

>>> Jim Paradis said:
> If you want to mount a 3.5" drive in a UDB, you need a special
> bracket, drive connector, and power connector. The drive is
> mounted in the PCI option card space. In order to fit it in, you
> have to remove the PCI riser card from the motherboard. Doing
> this also removes the SCSI controller, so you will not be able to
> attach external SCSI devices.

Um, you could try removing the plastic PCI slot from the riser, if the IDE
disk doesn't fit width-wise because of it. I don't know how hard this might
be, or how dangerous (in terms of damaging the riser itself), but some risers
were built without that thick plastic slot just so a 3.5" disk would fit


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