Re: X problems in RH 4.0
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 21:39:08 +0500

>>> Topi Kanerva said:
> this reminds me of my problems with MIT-SHM... but it says something
> like "Bad drawable" or "Attempt to access private resources denied".
> However, I just can't get MIT-SHM to work :( I tried to compile mpeg2play
> (v1.1b), but with shared mem enabled, the program failed to run. I had to
> disable shared mem. Again, I fetched the xquake binaries for the alpha,
> and again I came across this problem. Now what's the deal? Is Redhat 4.0
> broken? How can I make xquake to run?

There is a potential for a mismatch between kernel and Xserver. The mismatch
occurs in the area of the MIT-SHM extension of the server, but only comes
into play when an application wishes to use certain facilities (Quake wants
to setup a SHM area between it and the server; if the server's SHM data
structures don't match those of the kernel's SHM, a problem occurs).

Working combinations, as per my previous mail on this subject, are:

1. ECOFF Xservers and linux kernels WITHOUT the axp-diffs

2. ELF Xservers and linux kernels WITH the axp-diffs

(The mismatch is actually between GLIBC used by the ELF Xservers, and the
stock linux kernels).

I believe (somebody please correct me if wrong), that the 2.0.xx kernels
must be patched with the axp-diffs, but the 2.1.xx do not????

And I also believe (again, please correct) that the Red Hat kernel RPM
doesn't have the axp-diffs that fix the problem; that occurred with later
axp-diffs (2.0.21?).


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