Curious floppy problem on UDB

Andrew Kuchling (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996 15:10:51 -0500 (EST)

I'd like to upgrade to RH 4.0 on my UDB, but can't boot from floppy.
The RH boot floppy dies with a "length error" while loading the
kernel. If I use MILO to boot a kernel from the hard drive and just
load the ramdisk from floppy, the ramdisk fails to load, and lots of
"bad sector" messages are printed.

So, I thought the floppy drive was defective; it wasn't reading past a
certain point on the disk. But, most curiously, these errors don't
happen from Linux, but only in MILO; if I run 'dd if=/dev/fd0
of=tmp.img' on the boot disk and then do 'cmp tmp.img noname.img', the
binary files don't differ. No floppy errors are printed at all. So,
could an old version of MILO or a hardware misconfiguration be
responsible for these errors?

Any suggestions? Could I somehow put a kernel and the ramdisk
image on the hard drive, and boot from there?

Andrew Kuchling

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