Re: Compiling 2.1.13

Terran Lane (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 16:59:38 -0500 (EST)

Matthew Jacob spake unto me, saying:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I can't find axp-diffs for development kernels about 2.1.1
> >or 2.0 kernels about pl25. The 2.0.21 diff patches cleanly
> >into 2.0.25, but the 2.1.1 diff does not cleanly patch
> >into later kernels. I assume that the newer kernels still
> >require diffs, because I get the usual timespecbits and other


> 2.1.13 will build w/o patches (just edit Makefile to set
> default ARCH to alpha, or do make ARCH=alpah on command line).
> Ditto for 2.0.26.

This isn't my experience. I also have just downloaded 2.1.13, set the
ARCH to alpha, and the compile failed (missing various headers,
timespecbits.h, etc.). I'm using a newly upgraded RedHat 4.0, and I
was under the impression that that included all necessary
libs/headers/etc. to do this compile. I tried compiling the 2.0.20
kernel w/ axp-diffs, and it compiled ok, but broke when trying to boot
(the kernel decompressed, jumped in, probed the PCI, calculated
BogoMips, probed memory, and then hung. No more messages, no response
at all). If I'm making a mistake in the process somewhere, I can't
figure it out. I hope someone out there can provide some insight,
because until I can get a custom kernel, I'm stuck with a hobbled one
and no networking ability. Must... Have... PPP...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/info.

Terran Lane
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