Re: Compiling 2.1.13

Matthew Jacob (
Sat, 23 Nov 96 13:34:46 PST

>I can't find axp-diffs for development kernels about 2.1.1
>or 2.0 kernels about pl25. The 2.0.21 diff patches cleanly
>into 2.0.25, but the 2.1.1 diff does not cleanly patch
>into later kernels. I assume that the newer kernels still
>require diffs, because I get the usual timespecbits and other
>errors when I try to compile them unpatched. When I
>apply the diffs to 2.1.1 and upgrade to 2.1.13 by means
>of patches, I am repeatedly notified with 'patch already
>applied, assume -R?' messages from patch. Can anyone
>tell me what steps I must take to compile 2.0.25 and 2.1.X
>(X > 1) kernels?

2.1.13 will build w/o patches (just edit Makefile to set
default ARCH to alpha, or do make ARCH=alpah on command line).
Ditto for 2.0.26.

I don't know what you've hit, but I have patched up to
2.1.13 before w/o problems. Try a fresh 2.1.0 tar.

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