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Maurice Hilarius (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 13:49:03 -0700

At 08:40 hrs. 11-23-96 +0100, you wrote:
>OK, Maurice, I've let this pass for a couple of times now:
>> BTW, where is Steve Gaudet lately? I would expect to see
>> lots of his complaints about people mentioning prices by
>> now...
>Steve subsidized the further development of g77 on the Alpha -
>without it, to me (and probably a lot of others) Alpha based
>hardware would just be another entry into the fray. This alone will
>mean that he can count on me as a customer, whenever I get the
>{root of all evil} collected to buy a decent system. And to keep
>with the subject; No, I'm not thinking about a Enorex System - even
>with Linux, they're still limited, if not by anything else then by
>their maximum memory size. I'm thinking of something in the league
>of a 512 Mbyte system.
>Do you have anything to *offer* (i.e., aside of your rants) ?
Lots, as in whatever you would care for. If you seek a quotation I would be
glad to (privately) email it to you, discuss it on the telephone, or send
you a fax.

I will not be "polluting" this list with any commercial postings, just
helping where I can in user support. As for "rants" I can only leave that to
those who consider this list their commercial domain. And I only pointed out
the obvious.
I am certain that Steve builds fine Alpha machines for his customers, and
supports them well. I am also certain that this list is for the support of
Red Hat Linux distribution, and Linux Alpha users. I have read many postings
by Mr. Gaudet and others here who were advertising clearouts on UDB's and
other commercial postings. I made _ONE_ posting of a price for the EB164's
that are being cleared out and was flamed by Steve and his customers heavily
for it.
I did not appreciate it, and will not apologise to you or anyone else for
pointing out what is obvious.
With regards to G77 there were a heck of a lot of other people involved in
the ongoing development of this, as well as Microways' NDP Fortran products.
I am pleased to hear that DCG Systems was one of the contributors.
As for Enorex, they are a new player in the Alpha market, have shown some
attractive machines, and I can only recommend that someone actually
considering purchasing a machine check with them as well as the other
sources for pricing and other information. They seem very legitimate, have
invested quite heavily in releasing their new products, and offer some
unique aspects. Having the courage to pioneer new pricing and to force the
rest of us to re-evaluate our pricing is just one of the "gutsy" moves they
have made. This is a lot more respectable than posting things like " we will
beat any price..." which sounds a lot like a furniture discounter on the radio.

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