Re: Enorex Microsystems

Toon Moene (
Sat, 23 Nov 96 20:40:55 +0100

OK, Maurice, I've let this pass for a couple of times now:

> BTW, where is Steve Gaudet lately? I would expect to see
> lots of his complaints about people mentioning prices by
> now...

Steve subsidized the further development of g77 on the Alpha -
without it, to me (and probably a lot of others) Alpha based
hardware would just be another entry into the fray. This alone will
mean that he can count on me as a customer, whenever I get the
{root of all evil} collected to buy a decent system. And to keep
with the subject; No, I'm not thinking about a Enorex System - even
with Linux, they're still limited, if not by anything else then by
their maximum memory size. I'm thinking of something in the league
of a 512 Mbyte system.

Do you have anything to *offer* (i.e., aside of your rants) ?


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