Re: X problems in RH 4.0

David Mosberger (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 21:12:12 -0700 (MST)

> this reminds me of my problems with MIT-SHM... but it says something
> like "Bad drawable" or "Attempt to access private resources denied".
> However, I just can't get MIT-SHM to work :( I tried to compile mpeg2play
> (v1.1b), but with shared mem enabled, the program failed to run. I had to
> disable shared mem. Again, I fetched the xquake binaries for the alpha,
> and again I came across this problem. Now what's the deal? Is Redhat 4.0
> broken? How can I make xquake to run?

There was a kernel bug in the (Alpha) sysv ipc shared memory
structures that was discovered late (a few days/weeks before rh4.0 was
released). The result of this is that binaries that depend on shared
memory and were compiled against the old kernel headers will not work
anymore. So, if you have an old quake binary, you'll have to get a
new one (don't have a pointer handy, but I think it's on Also, make sure you're running the latest X server.
If both Quake and the X11 server are ELF binaries, all will be fine.


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