Re: Enorex Microsystems

Maurice Hilarius (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:54:03 -0700

At 01:41 hrs. 11-21-96 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anybody have experience with these units. They claim to be
>based on the PC164 motherboard, which I assume means a 21164 CPU
>(among other things).
>Considering that they are selling a 366Mhz unit with 32MB RAM, 2.5GB
>Hard drive, 12X CDROM, 33.6 modem, S3 PCI video card, Wavetable
>Sound card, and a monitor for $2999 it seems too good to be true.
>What's the catch, at any prices I am aware of they would be losing
>money even if DEC was giving them the CPUs for free.

Let's just say that you are about to see new and improved pricing from
_everybody_ who builds Alpha systems out there. Dec just dropped the prices
quite a bit. I think maybe the $160 million loss they just took in the 4th
quarter gave new motivation to them...

BTW, where is Steve Gaudet lately? I would expect to see lots of his
complaints about people mentioning prices by now...

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