Re: using linux instead of osf
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:22:48 +1100

>We are thinking of putting together some alpha to run PVM. The
configuration I am thinkg of is:

There is no machine type for Linux/Alpha under PVM as yet that I know of.
As far as I remember, If you set machine type to Alpha it compiles
cleanly but doesn't work, if you set machine type to Linux
it assumes x86 arch and doesn't work.
I've successfully used PVM with machine types, PMAX, SUNMP
(Multiprocessor SPARC), ALPHA (OSF/1),
SGIMP(8 Processor Power Challenge) and Linux (x86) so I don't think it is
a bad config, just not ported yet.

I am thinking of porting/adding a machine type for Linux Alpha and (Dual
PowerPC) BeOS.
If there is a later version of PVM with machine types for either of the
above I'd really like the URL...Please !

I'll post patches if I get it working, if anyone wants it.

Off list comments to

>1) Durrango motherboard
>2) 366/433 CPU
>3) 128M
>4) Fast/Wide SCSI controller
>5) 100Base-T ethernet card
>Does anybody have any experience on what card/controller should I get
>or any gotcha? And I presume this is going to generate a lot of mail
traffic, is how stable is linux for axp as a number crunching platform
compared to running osf.
>Thanks in advance!
>Mr. Wai-Ming Tai | E-mail:
>School of Cosmic Physics, | Internet:
>The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, | SPAN: 29522::WAI
>5 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. |
>Tel: +353-1-6621333 FAX: +353-1-6621477 |

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