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Eric K. Wong (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 15:10:58 -0800

JuGGerNauGhT wrote:
> I just bought a UDB 166Mhz. I have a 3.5 inch 2 gig Quantum
> Fireball SCSI drive that i would like to put in it. So my question is
> this, Will the internal SCSI controller work with that drive (3.5 inch,
> and 2 gig)? I am going to install RH 4.0 ( I have used Linux for a few
There should be no problem with a 2Gb SCSI drive. The only problem
you'll have is stuffing the drive in the UDB. There is an alleged PCI
riser card for the UDBs that allows you to install a 3.5" drive
internally, but are rare and probably not worth your while since they
eliminate your only PCI slot.

I just detached the external SCSI port (inside) and run a 50pin header
out the slot. Grab an old PC P/S and you're set. If you want a better
external solution, then shell the $$$ for an external scsi enclosure.

Eric Wong

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