promblem with last...

Miguel Avillez (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 19:13:34 +0000 (WET)


I am running RH-4.0 in a UDB and have this problem.
last gives a list of the users logged in but with a different date than
the correct one. Here is an example list

guest ttyp6 astro Fri Nov 22 18:29 - 18:29 (00:00)
pancho ttyp5 :0.0 Sun Sep 16 16:56 still logged in
pancho ttyp4 :0.0 Sun Sep 16 16:55 still logged in
pancho ttyp3 :0.0 Sun Sep 16 16:53 still logged in
pancho tty4 Fri Nov 22 18:10 still logged in
reboot system boot Fri Nov 22 18:02

now I am logged in with different dates, but actually I logged in todat at
the times refered in the list.
Whats this? does anyone have a clue?

by the way the system clock is setup correctly and also, the machine clock

here is the reply for date:

Fri Nov 22 19:13:21 WET 1996



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