tulip.c ....

Matthew Jacob (mjacob@feral.com)
Fri, 22 Nov 96 11:06:54 PST

2.0.26 has come out and that has sync'd up the 2.1 && 2.0 streams
wrt to tulip.c.

I've been doing some mods on it in order to put back the multicast
fixes that I had to turn of for AXP. I believe I have done the
correct thing here.

I'm putting this patch onto my ftp site. I'd like to ask people to
take it and test if they can - I'd appreciate any testing help as
I haven't got a lot of tulip cards yet to do regression testing.

Let me know what you find. So far I still have problems with
FULL_DUPLEX and with media sensing on my UDB, so I'll be looking
at those issues next.

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