Re: MILO on Alpha Station 400 won't work.

Niklas Wiberg (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 19:58:15 +0200

At 12.51 1996-11-19 -0500, you wrote:

NW>> Could it be a problem with the graphics card? The ARC reports the card as:
NW>> 24 Plane Frame Buffer video card: TGA 24 Z-buffer
>Does it identify the card as ZLXp-E3? It should, if it truly has Z-buffer.

No it only says: 24 Plane Frame Buffer video card: TGA 24 Z-buffer

>It should have *all* the VRAM "slots" filled on both sides of the card, for
>a total of 16Mb, I believe.

It's a "long" card. Both sides are filled with some kind of memory,
(VRAM or DRAM I can't tell since I don't know much about RAM) of
different (physical) sizes.
However, these are not in slots, but welded to the card.
On, what seems to be the "main chip", it said DIGITAL 21030-AA. The rest I
couldn't see since I didn't have enough light, but there were more lines.
The RAMDAC was Bt463. Apart from the PC-style monitor output, there are two
more outputs (contacts). One with 4 tiny little holes and one that looks
like a 3.5mm headphone output.
Can it be a ZLXp-E3 ? Does anyone know where to get a complete description,
so I can compare?

>If so, This is almost certainly your problem; the TGA support was initially
>tested only on 8-plane and 24-plane systems, *NOT* the 24-plane+Z-buffer
>version. I know of some who have used the 24-plane support successfully,
>and *lots* who use the 8-plane (UDB built-in :-), but have never heard of
>anyone using the Z-buffer version.
>It prolly wouldn't take too much to get this going (I thought I had it all
>in there already), but without a card to test against, I wouldn't know
>where to start.

If this is a ZLXp-E3, is there any chance one can expect a compatible
MILO soon, (and is there an X server for it?) or should I consider replacing
the video-card?
Would an ATI Mach64 Graphics Xpression work with this machine?

Regards Niklas

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