milo barfs

mandrake (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:05:24 -0500 (EST)

Okay... I am getting a milo barf when I am trying to upgrade from redhat 3.x
to 4.x...

I have placed the boot image in the floppy drive and I get this error message
after a bunch of ##### scroll by

length error -- halting

Information on the system: UDB 166Mhz (generic noname) 24 megs ram milo 1.3.76

Geoff Harrison - System Administrator, IntelliMedia Commerce
-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----------------------|
Version: 3.12                                   | (404)262-0000 ext 102
GCS/E d? s-:- a? C++++$ U++++LVSAB*$ P++$ L++ E-| (404)261-2282 (FAX)
W+++$ N++ o+ K w--- O M+ V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t+@| Save the Whales!
5 X+++ R+++ tv b+++ DI++ D++ G+ e* h* r++ y++   | (Collect the Whole Set)
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK--------------------

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