use of axp-list [was: Re: Windows NT Compiler]

David Mosberger (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 08:18:20 -0700 (MST)

Apparently my mail came over much harsher than intended. I'm sorry if
that's so (I actually thought there was a subtly humorous side to it,
but that apparently didn't come across). To clarify:

(a) I have absolutely nothing against WNT (I have very little
_for_ it as well, however ;-). It was the person who sent
the original mail who complained about having to pay so
much for a WNT compiler.

(b) I still do not think it's appropriate to use the axp-list
for questions that are completely unrelated to Linux (which the
question I was responding to was). Somebody else pointed out
there is a mailing list for Alpha NT. In the same breath:
this is obviously Red Hat's mailing list, so this is all MHO.
If everybody else is happy to treat axp-list as an _Alpha_
rather than a _Linux/Alpha_ mailing list, that's fine and all it
means is that I'm not subscribing to the right lists.

Other than that, I apologize if I hurt anybody's feelings.


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