INND crashes

Franco Tassone (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 13:50:34 +0100

due to a hardware ko I've substitued the hd of my XL266 running RH3.0.3.
I've installed a new hd/w RH 4.0 and now innd crashes when receiving a feed,
after a few seconds.
I was using the built-in innd daemon.
So I've tried recompiling my old innd sources downloaded from same
disastrous result, it crashes during the very first seconds when receiving a
feed ?
Any hints for me ?
Here is the log it registered:

Nov 22 13:47:09 4H:news innd: connected 16
Nov 22 13:47:20 4A:news kernel: innd: memory violation at pc=120009fb4
rp=12000beb8 (bad address = 36d57ed164)

P.S.: it worked fine with RH3.0.3...

 Franco Tassone                              RGNetWork IQSP
 Informatica e telematica              Tel: (+39) 085/64070                 Via V. Colonna, 97                    65127 Pescara (ITALY)

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