xcdroast works?

Fenn, Adam (Adam.Fenn@incirlik.af.mil)
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 12:27:10 +0200

I have read a lot on this list recently about patches to xcdroast to
make it work on an Alpha. I have tried them, but I am still unable to
make it work.. I have a 233 UDB, 2.0.25 kernel with axp-diffs 2.0.21.
I have 'allow scsi disconnection' enabled in my kernel. I have a Yamaha
CDR102 on the same SCSI bus as all of my other drives. I have an 800 MB
partition for images. Everything seems to work fine except actually
writing. Simulations work fine. When I do attempt to write the CDR
flickers the 'write' light once for a split second and then switches
back into 4X/Read mode. It continues on for about 35 minutes and ejects
the disc. It says it is completed, but the disk has been untouched. A
lot of SENSE_ERROR messages scroll across the parent window. Last night
I took my drive enclose off of the UDB and put it on a pentium running
linux & xcdroast. The drive enclose has the CDR, the CDROM, and the
image parition image in it. xcdroast fired right up and wrote the cd
off of the same image I had created on the UDB. I got no errors.
Everything worked perfectly. I really want to keep the CDR on my UDB.
Here are my questions:

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Has anyone gotten xcdroast to sucessfully burn a CD?
Has anyone used a Yamaha CDR102?
Can someone who has xcdroast working on an Alpha send me the patches
they used?
Or possibly an archive of the patched source?

I know I am starting to sound like a whiner, but I have been pulling my
hair out over this one.. Thanks in advance for the help.


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