Re: Progress on RedHat 4.0/axp+UDB+PCMCIA?

Paul Stewart (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 23:41:27 -0500

In message <>, Thunderhawk Alpha wr
>Has there been any progress on being able to get PCMCIA working with RH4.0?
>As I remember it was tied up in the libc-2-glibc transition (amongst other
>things). (The modem I was using for my UDB is a PCMCIA one borrowed from my

Problems? What problems? I used the vanilla PCMCIA sources available
and found only very minor configuration work necessary to build it. The
only stumper I had was actually the insmod (which I mentioned in another
message). After that fix, it worked just fine for me, at least with the
Kodak digital camera card that prompted me to play with it to start with...


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