Re: Enorex Microsystems

Jim Paradis (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 22:53:43 -0500 (EST)

> Does anybody have experience with these units. They claim to be
> based on the PC164 motherboard, which I assume means a 21164 CPU
> (among other things).

Actually it's the 21164a (internally known to Digital Semiconductor
as the "EV56"). This is essentially the 21164 (aka EV5) in CMOS-6
technology. The resulting die-shrink allows us more chips per
wafer, which in turn lets us drop the price on the chips 8-)

> Considering that they are selling a 366Mhz unit with 32MB RAM, 2.5GB
> Hard drive, 12X CDROM, 33.6 modem, S3 PCI video card, Wavetable
> Sound card, and a monitor for $2999 it seems too good to be true.
> What's the catch, at any prices I am aware of they would be losing
> money even if DEC was giving them the CPUs for free.

No catch. I met the company president at Comdex and played with
these systems, and they really are all they appear to be. This
pricing is a combination of recent price cuts on Digital CPUs and
motherboards, coupled with aggressive sourcing on the part of
Enorex. They are really nice systems. Even though I get a lot
of hardware on loan from Digital, I'm sorely tempted to pay my
own money for one for myself. The only question is whether to
get the 366 or spring for the 500MHz model 8-)

BTW - as far as I know Enorex is going to be concentrating on the
Windows NT market; however, DCG computers will be reselling these
exact same systems in Linux configurations.

No, I do not work for either of these companies, but I *do* work
for Digital and I applaud any and all efforts to encourage the
sales of Alpha chips in volume 8-)

Jim Paradis (        "It's not procrastination, 
Digital Equipment Corporation		       it's my new Just-In-Time 
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