Re: Is there fix for FTP server?

Michael Brennen (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 08:46:36 -0600 (CST)

The information below the original post is one that I normally send on the
wu-ftpd list to make people aware of the help tools available for
configuring wu-ftpd. The questions about not showing directory contents
is *very* common. It is not that ftpd is broken, but that it is

I've not installed RH's ftpd, so I don't know what the results are;
however, installing the RPM cannot be expected to properly set up the
entire directory and file structure for a given site. That is something
that you absolutely must study and understand for yourself in order to set
up the security and access permissions that is proper for your site.

For anonymous and guest ftp, a proper running environment for ls (and all
other locally executable programs) must be established, as ftpd does a
chroot() to the guest or anonymous user's directory. The guest howto below
tells how to set up wu-ftpd properly; the same directory structure is
required for anonymous ftp also, so even if that is all you want the guest
howto will still be helpful.

I just logged into, and it is the beta 11 wu-ftpd. That is
good, and it is probably safe to assume that the rpm will install that
version. The FAQ and guest howto should apply without any modifications.

-- Michael

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Marc Singer wrote:

> > Either you do not have ls in a 'chrooted' environment on a server, or it
> > is not statically linked (it should be!!) and shared libraries it uses
> > are not there, or /bin/sh is not listed as a valid shell in /etc/shells.
> > In the last case most likely you would be not able to login at all,
> > so likely this is not it.
> OK. I am using FTP as it came out of the rpm. Are you saying that it
> is broken as rpm installs it?

This is the location for the latest wu-ftpd. You can't see the
directory contents, but get the file anyway. It's there.

wu-ftpd FAQ:
send mail to
with a subject line: send faq

guest howto:
send mail to ""
(immediate autoresponder; subject does not matter)

There are additional security references in the above docs.

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