tomas (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:17:47 +0100


sorry for confusing you:( my kernel is downloaded
from asztarnet and does support SCSI CDROMs.

the exact problem is this...

this is what the install script says...

what type of inst media do you wanna use?

2) NFS
3) hard drive


i say "1" here...

i'll try to mount /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1, which are
the most popular CDROMs for Alphas
if you are using a different, blah blah blah
Give the name of the device and use the "iso9660" fs

Press <Enter> when ready: _

now what i wonder...
when i press enter nothing happens, just starts all over.

btw. in the VC2, when typing mount it says that
/dev/scd0 is already mounted in /image (really is) but
how should i say this to the install script?


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