Re: Yamaha OPL3 on UDB?

Marc Singer (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 15:50:24 -0800 (PST)

> Hi Marc,
> I noticed in the AXP archives that you were successful in building OPL3
> FM synth support into the kernel after making some modifications to the
> configuration. This was on an Intel based machine.
> Have you had any success at doing the same for the DEC UDB? I'm certain
> that the MSS hardware has this chip but I'm not certain what
> modifications to make to get it working.

I just got the MSS compiled on the UDB yesterday. I'm using kernel
2.0.25. Have you successfully compiled a kernel? If so, go ahead and
run the sound configuration. Enable OPL and MSS and leave everything
else default. The configurator will not set the IRQ properly no
matter what you do, so after the config is complete, edit local.h and
change the IRQ from 11 which is used by the NCR chip, to 9. Also,
edit the /etc/soundconf file the same way. Compile the baby and it
should work.

Now, I have compiled it, but I have not been able to play sounds
because I don't know how. The kernel boots and I can compile mixer
from snd-util-3.5, but I am not sure how to play wave files. Let me
know if you geteverything working and tested.

-- Marc Singer

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