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Bender, Bernhard (
Wed, 20 Nov 96 16:57:53 -0500

Hi Harald,

your're a bright guy, really.

I was sure there is no workaround for this. But you have found one.
Setting CR66 bit 1 while reading the BIOS ROM does prevent DRAM

I wonder what happens if you keep this bit set for too long. Possibly
DRAM will loose some of its data becase DRAM refresh is also stopped...

But still I think, this think should go into the S3 server to protect
reading the ROM on the Trio and ViRGE chips.

Bernhard Bender

Group Manager Core Technology   ELSA Computer Graphics

ELSA GmbH Email: Sonnenweg 11 Fax : +49 (2405) 450 100 D-52 070 Aachen, Germany WWW :

*** Original Message Follows *** > >>> > now the interesting question is: how can we read the BIOS (esp. on AXP) > without currupting video memory ? > <<< > > Basically, you can't :-(

knowing the real reason for the font/memory corruption it's easy to write a small test program and play with. for a Trio64V+ card I see horrible things going on on the screen while this program reads the BIOS. but with S3 864 and 968 I don't see any problems with fonts here.

below is the test program. if you see any font/screen corruption when running it (maybe several times; can be cleaned up with "setfont" again) you should try to set RESET_S3 to 1 and see if this fixes corruption for your card/machine...

also you can test SPARSE memory bios access if you set TEST_JENSEN_CODE to 1. didn't make any difference for me (but with SPARSE access, copying was >3 times faster then using DENSE access..)

now I could play with it a bit trying to find a better workaround than saving the whole frame buffer before accessing the BIOS.

at least for the Trio64V+ card there is no problem when I reset the S3 graphics engine using CR66 bit 1 while reading the BIOS. haven't tested this for ViRGE yet but at least the GE can be reset with the same bit...

> As for what S3 chips may be affected: The ViRGE for sure, maybe the > TrioV+ also.

Trio64V+ for sure too (at least for my AXP box)

> There is no mention in S3's stepping info about this.


Harald -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- #define TEST_JENSEN_CODE 0 #define RESET_S3 0 #define WRITE_BIOS_TO_STDOUT 0 #define SIZE (2*32*1024)

#ifdef __alpha__ #include <sys/io.h> #else #include <asm/io.h> #endif #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <errno.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/mman.h>

#if TEST_JENSEN_CODE /* define to test the Sparse addressing on a non-Jensen */ #define SPARSE (5) #define isJensen (1) #else #define isJensen (!_bus_base()) #define SPARSE (7) #endif

extern unsigned long _bus_base(void); extern unsigned long _bus_base_sparse(void); #define BUS_BASE (isJensen ? _bus_base_sparse() : _bus_base()) #define JENSEN_SHIFT(x) (isJensen ? ((long)x<<SPARSE) : (long)x)

#ifdef __alpha__

/* The outb() isn't needed on my machine, but who nows ... -- ost */ void SlowBcopy(src, dst, len) unsigned char *dst, *src; int len; { while(len--) { *dst++ = *src++; outb(0x80, 0x00); } }

void SlowBCopyFromBus(src, dst, count) unsigned char *src, *dst; int count; { if (isJensen) /* Jensen */ { unsigned long addr; long result;

addr = (unsigned long) src; while( count ){ result = *(volatile int *) addr; result >>= ((addr>>SPARSE) & 3) * 8; *dst++ = (unsigned char) (0xffUL & result); addr += 1<<SPARSE; count--; outb(0x80, 0x00); } } else SlowBcopy(src,dst,count); } #endif int xf86ReadBIOS(Base, Offset, Buf, Len) unsigned long Base; unsigned long Offset; unsigned char *Buf; int Len; { #ifdef __alpha__ /* * The Alpha version uses "mmap" instead of "lseek/read", * because these (currently) don't work for BUS memory. * We trick "mmap" into mapping BUS memory for us via BUS_BASE, * which is the KSEG address of the start of the DENSE memory * area. */

/* * NOTE: there prolly ought to be more validity checks and all * re: boundaries and sizes and such... */

/* * The Jensen lacks dense memory, thus we have to address the bus via * the sparse addressing scheme. * * Martin Ostermann ( - Apr.-Sep. 1996 */

caddr_t base; int fd;

if ((fd = open("/dev/mem", O_RDONLY)) < 0) { perror("xf86ReadBios: Failed to open /dev/mem"); return(-1); }

base = mmap((caddr_t)0, JENSEN_SHIFT(SIZE), PROT_READ, MAP_SHARED, fd, (off_t)(JENSEN_SHIFT(Base) + BUS_BASE));

if (base == (caddr_t)-1UL) { perror("xf86ReadBios: Failed to mmap /dev/mem"); return(-1); }

SlowBCopyFromBus(base+JENSEN_SHIFT(Offset), Buf, Len);

munmap((caddr_t)JENSEN_SHIFT(base), JENSEN_SHIFT(SIZE)); close(fd); return(Len);

#else /* __alpha__ */

int fd;

if ((fd = open("/dev/mem", O_RDONLY)) < 0) { perror("xf86ReadBios: Failed to open /dev/mem"); return(-1); }

if (lseek(fd, (Base+Offset), SEEK_SET) < 0) { perror("xf86ReadBios: /dev/mem seek failed"); close(fd); return(-1); } if (read(fd, Buf, Len) != Len) { perror("xf86ReadBios: /dev/mem read failed"); close(fd); return(-1); } close(fd); return(Len); #endif /* __alpha__ */ }

void main() { char bios[SIZE]; #if RESET_S3 int tmp; #endif


#if RESET_S3 outb(0x38, 0x3d4); outb(0x48, 0x3d5); outb(0x39, 0x3d4); outb(0xa5, 0x3d5);

/* reset S3 graphics engine */ outb(0x66, 0x3d4); tmp = inb(0x3d5); outb(tmp | 0x02, 0x3d5); usleep(10000); /* wait a little bit... */ #endif

xf86ReadBIOS(0xc0000, 0, bios, SIZE);

#if RESET_S3 outb(0x66, 0x3d4); outb(tmp & ~0x02, 0x3d5); usleep(10000); /* wait a little bit... */ #endif

#if WRITE_BIOS_TO_STDOUT write(1,bios,SIZE); #endif }

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