Re: Java-Linux-AXP

Randy Chapman (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 22:39:50 -0800

Sorry, that would be my fault.

I've gotten access to a couple of Alphas (thanks to David M-T, Mike Cruse and
Mikael Nykvist), and it seems that I'll be getting a loaner alpha, which will
really help with AWT stuff, especially.

I've got the runtime barely hobbling along.

al01:~/d/javasrc/build/genunix/java/java> j HelloWorld
Hello, world.

Unfortunately, there is something strange with the gc and memory code that is
causing massive hemorage (sp!) in javac =( And I'm not even sure that the gc
is working at all.


On Nov 19, 1:59pm, Tom Hume wrote:
} Subject: Java-Linux-AXP
} Hi,
} I saw a message on the Java-Linux mailing list about the setup for the
} port of the JDK to the Alpha, and subscribed to a new mailing list
} devoted to this but it seems to be dead - could anyone inform me as to
} what the current progress/state of the port is and whether there's
} anything I can do to help with it?
} Thanks,
} Tom
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