Device Error with floppy drive

Adam Forsyth (
Tue, 19 Nov 96 21:03:30 -0600

In trying to boot Milo My instructions walk me through creating a boot
selection. Upon selecting boot floppy milo, the drive light goes on an
off a few times, and then I am told that a device error occurred and I
should press any key to continue. No other load messages have appeared
on the screen at that point.

Does this mean that my floppy drive is bad, or that my milo disk is bad?
That disk was shipped to me as it is. Is there any way to verify it? I
don't want to believe that my floppy drive is bad. I did install a hard
drive, though, so I suppose its possible that I hurt the floppy in the
process. I tried to be very careful not to stain the floppy cable so I
don't think I did anything to it. Is there any way to verify the floppy
is working with out an operation OS?

Adam Forsyth
2441 Hwy 52N Apt 3-201
Rochester, MN 55901

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