Re: InstallingRed Hat on a UDB

Adam Forsyth (
Tue, 19 Nov 96 20:57:57 -0600

>> >> Here is my dilemma.
>> >>
>> >> The directions I got with my UDB state that I should find a program
>> >> called rawrite.exe in a \dosutils directory on my red hat CD and a
>> >> \images directory that will contain noname.img and ramdisk.img.
>> >>
>> >> When I look at my redhat cd I see no dosutils directory, and I see
>> >> nothing in the images directory. My other dilemma was thatthe PC that I
>> >> have access to does not have A CDROM drive.

Here's the solution I found to my rawrite problem. As I suspected would
be the case, the soluition was rather simple. Apparently intransfering
rawrite from a computer that had a CD to one that didn't the file became
corrupted. It was not corrupted enough for DOS not to try to run it as a
program but corrupted enough to freeze up the computer. Using a new
version of the file made rawrite work great. Now on to the next

Adam Forsyth
2441 Hwy 52N Apt 3-201
Rochester, MN 55901

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