Re: Multia UDB Hardware Questions

Marc Singer (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 13:46:49 -0800 (PST)

> I'd be interested in seeing how you got 5.5mb per second. My benchmarks =
> were done on Linux, not NT, using 2 machines and a crossover cable =
> between them (2 Pentium 100s).

What is a crossover cable? Is the Pentium routing packets? Is the
Pentium running GNU/Linux?

I have seen Samba, NFS, and FTP achieve speeds of about 1MB/s on
10BaseT networks. I would expect 100BaseT to run faster, but it
depends on the other traffic on the network and the kinds of machines
and hardware. While the old AT bus was only 8MHz the PCI bus is
33MHz, so should be able to give optimal throughput as long as the
driver latency is not long.

-- Marc Singer

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