Re: MILO on Alpha Station 400 won't work.
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 12:51:01 -0500

>>> Niklas Wiberg said:
> Could it be a problem with the graphics card? The ARC reports the card as:
> 24 Plane Frame Buffer video card: TGA 24 Z-buffer

Does it identify the card as ZLXp-E3? It should, if it truly has Z-buffer.
It should have *all* the VRAM "slots" filled on both sides of the card, for
a total of 16Mb, I believe.

If so, This is almost certainly your problem; the TGA support was initially
tested only on 8-plane and 24-plane systems, *NOT* the 24-plane+Z-buffer
version. I know of some who have used the 24-plane support successfully,
and *lots* who use the 8-plane (UDB built-in :-), but have never heard of
anyone using the Z-buffer version.

It prolly wouldn't take too much to get this going (I thought I had it all
in there already), but without a card to test against, I wouldn't know
where to start.

> I read in some instructions for RH 2.1/AXP that there were different kernel
> images if you had a TGA card.
> Could this be the case with MILO too?

It's not the case with MILO; that comes with both VGA and TGA support.
The stock kernels are configured either-or, but with the axp-diffs, or
as they come from Red Hat, the kernels support both VGA and TGA as well.


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