Markus Dickebohm (
19 Nov 1996 15:56:03 +0100

>>>>> "Todd" == Todd Lehr schrieb am Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:49:05 -0500 (EST):

Todd> Is anyone able to get the stock REDHAT 4.0 INN release running
Todd> on a DEC Alpha UDB-166. I am able to configure and get INN
Todd> running, and even attach to it with trn, but as soon as another
Todd> one of our news servers attaches to it, to send new news, it
Todd> core dumps after about 31 messages.

innd is running fine here. I had to recompile because /var and /etc
lie on different partitions and the stock inn package doesn't like
this. The only thing I had to do is changing one line in the

I have two incoming newsfeeds and absolutely no problems.

Bye, Markus

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