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Jerry Feldman (
Tue, 19 Nov 96 08:20:53 -0500

> Does anyone know of a repository for beginners that are running
> Alpha's and linux? I'm seeing all this information about arc, srm fgu(?)
> and I've no idea whats really going on. I'm afraid if I mess around too
> much I'm going to end up with a machine I just can't boot. I realize that
> screw-ups are a means of discovery, but I've no source of real
> information. I've even looked around the web, and I just can't find much
> more than a list of supported systems.
> I'm running a UDP 166 with Redhat 4.0, and am not sure where to go
> from here. I can't successfully build a kernal(it's over 7 meg - I use
> strip to get it to a little over 1 meg, then gzip it, but get a "VFS: Can
> not open root device" error), I keep getting unaligned memory errors, and
> other misc messages, and I'm not sure how to decipher them
There are 2 linux oriented mailing lists that are not exclusively Alpha oriented, but are somewhat more oriented to beginners.
1. The formber Boston Computer Society Linux user group, now called Boston Linux and Unix (BLU). Send email to

In the body of the email, include the following command, verbatim:
subscribe linux-sig

2. The other list is run by the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group, GNHLUG. Jon "Maddog" Hall is the group leader. To subscribe, send email to:

In the body of the email, include the following command, verbatim:
subscribe gnhlug

Both lists are fully open to Linux and Unix oriented discusions. Advertising is generally discouraged. Both of these groups have regular meeting in Boston, Nashua, NH and Durham, NH. There are several people on both lists who have Digital Alphas.

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To unsubscribe: send e-mail to with
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