Beginners guide to alpha's&
Mon, 18 Nov 96 20:23:08 -0400

Does anyone know of a repository for beginners that are running
Alpha's and linux? I'm seeing all this information about arc, srm fgu(?)
and I've no idea whats really going on. I'm afraid if I mess around too
much I'm going to end up with a machine I just can't boot. I realize that
screw-ups are a means of discovery, but I've no source of real
information. I've even looked around the web, and I just can't find much
more than a list of supported systems.

I'm running a UDP 166 with Redhat 4.0, and am not sure where to go
from here. I can't successfully build a kernal(it's over 7 meg - I use
strip to get it to a little over 1 meg, then gzip it, but get a "VFS: Can
not open root device" error), I keep getting unaligned memory errors, and
other misc messages, and I'm not sure how to decipher them

One things for sure; IBM and clone makers really candy-coat pc's.
Thanks for any information.

PGP key available from the following key server(search on 'Timothy Reaves'):
PGP Key fingerprint =  2B 7F 64 DD D8 E6 8D 81  BA B0 31 09 CD EB 41 C2

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