Report: Jensen install CDROM still no luck
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:08:39 +0000


Before I go too much further -- I have been reading the
documentation! I am just not haveing as much luck as most.

First problem I noticed was that one of my files was a different size
from the ftp list. (not good) so I downloaded a new copy of
everything and the file sizes match.

I have been following Thomas' copy of the Jensen-Howto he sent me
(Thanks dude) and the messages from the Jensen thread....which I
think I started last week but anyway...

I have a disk containing lxboot lxboot bootlx vmlinux.gz
I have a disk that has the ramdisk.img on it.
I have aboot installed using both of the above two bootdisks

I boot -fl i dka0
get the prompt...

0/a root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1 it goes, loads the ramdisk and I get the menu...

Welcome to RedHat!!!
from cdrom
scsi cdrom
your partiton swap space is not setup! (but I dont know how to work
the advanced options, which it says is required) continue anyway
Initialising cdrom...
* error opening header file: No such file or directory...
An error occrued in step "Find Installation files" of the install...

Well that is the closest I have come...

Any other Ideas..??


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