Re: DEC Alpha 2000-300 Install

Martin Ostermann (
18 Nov 1996 15:17:43 +0100

Mark Woolfson <> writes:
> I have one of the very first Alpha's known to this world - a 2000 Model 300.
> It has a VT100 terminal as its monitor.

According to the FAQ at

10.4 Can Linux/Alpha Run Without Graphics Card?

The firmware can be controlled over a serial line terminal at 9600
Baud and it is possible to boot Linux/Alpha in that manner, but Linux
itself does not currently support headless boots. There are kernel
patches floating on the net that add this functionality, however.

> I have tried about a dozen ways to get milo to boot but to no avail. I get
> to the point where it says it is swapping PAL ... and then NOTHING. The

MILO doesn't work on the DEC 2000-300 (Jensen). You have to use the
SRM console for booting.

> docs have been read and re-read. I've tried gatekeeper's stuff and Redhat
> 4.0's stuff. Redhat's seem to get me farther. Can anyone help shed some
> light so I can use this fine equipment?

The above is stated in the FAQ. Take a look at the Linux/Alpha FAQ at

Also there are two thread going on in this list right now about
installing it on a AXP150, which is the same machine sold with NT
instead of Unix. Mostly refered to as "Jensen", that's the name of the


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