Re: Jensen Install AXP150 CDROM

Martin Ostermann (
18 Nov 1996 13:22:17 +0100 writes:
> Assuming you have the Cdrom, what do you do to install it.
> I tried to follow the milo install and failed. I can setup a boot
> selection but its the last part that fails.
> How can I install Red Hat on this box..... off the cdrom....

You can't use MILO on the Jensen. You have to switch to the SRM
console, the boot by 'b <device> -fl i'. To see which <device> holds
CDROM, try 'show dev' first.

On the Aboot prompt, type 'kernels/jensen.gz ro root=/dev/scd0'. If
that doesn't work, report exactly the error you get, plus the firmware
version you use. Also read the apropriate documents concerning the
Jensen, you can access them all via the FAQ, and from my homepage.

If it works, please contribute a paper describing all the details
involved, so its then easiear for others.

> I am willing to try the disks again If anyone has so instructions on
> how you do it.

Please see the tread "Re: Jensen First install AXP150", just a few
days old on this list.

Good luck, Martin

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