Re: Jensen First install AXP150

Martin Ostermann (
18 Nov 1996 11:44:44 +0100

"Thomas Kuerten" <> writes:
> I finally got it to work.

Congratulations :-)

> What I needed were the bootlx.aboot and lxboot.aboot from
>, combined it with the file "jensen.gz" from
> the RedHat distribution, and took the "ramdisk.img" from
> the redhat distribution, too.
> That booted for me and got me into the situation, where my
> DE422 got recognized.
> Thanks for the Help,
> and maybe I could give anyone a hint how to set it up correctly,
> Its really a pain havig to collect these things from various places
> and combine them randomly, before you get something to work...

This is true, but the instruction were deliberately written not to
favour a particular distribution. But nevertheless it would be great
if you'd write a document about how to install RedHat-4.0 on a
Jensen. If you like, I can put it (or a link) on my Alpha page and
into the FAQ.

You have first hand experience, and see, neither Michael nor me are
very eager about wiping out our hard disks in order to test a fresh
install. So you're now in a much better position now write such a

There is no X-Server for Linux/Axp and the QVision at this moment, and
probably not in the near future. If you need X now, get an S3 based
card, preferably EISA. But make sure it works with Alpha's firmware.


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