Re: InstallingRed Hat on a UDB

Adam Forsyth (
Sun, 17 Nov 96 22:05:50 -0600

I have the redhat 4.0 CD. In My macintosh I do not see a dosutils
directory, and I see an images directory, but it is empty. I thought I
could get around this by ftping the files, but rawrite doesn't seem to
want to write from C: I guess I'll just have to find a friend with a PC
and a CD ROM drive. I wass hesitant in doing that because I couldn't see
the files I would need, but If you see them, I guess I will do that. I
don't think a dfective CD would show only some files and no sign of any
other problem. So the Mac must lie. I though ISO 9660 was I the only
way CD's were written though.

Adam Forsyth
2441 Hwy 52N Apt 3-201
Rochester, MN 55901

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