Re: InstallingRed Hat on a UDB

Bryan W. Headley (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:18:31 -0600

On Nov 16, 6:38pm, Adam Forsyth wrote:
> Subject: InstallingRed Hat on a UDB
> Here is my dilemma.
> The directions I got with my UDB state that I should find a program
> called rawrite.exe in a \dosutils directory on my red hat CD and a
> \images directory that will contain noname.img and ramdisk.img.
> When I look at my redhat cd I see no dosutils directory, and I see
> nothing in the images directory. My other dilemma was thatthe PC that I
> have access to does not have A CDROM drive.

That's wild; they're there, but invisible to DOS/NT?

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