Re: FMU.GZ crashing

Eric Smith (
17 Nov 1996 23:32:57 -0000

"Tracy R. Reed" <> wrote:
> Can you tell me where this jumper is? I am trying to upgrade my UDB from

On a VX41 or VX42, move the jumper from W10 to W11. On a VX40, move
the jumper from W8 to W7

> 3.0.1 to 4.0 and since MILO finds a bad magic number on all of the
> kernels I'm trying to boot on the 4.0 CDROM I assume I need to upgrade

Why not just get a new Milo that supports ELF from
then from your 3.0.1 (?), mount the DOS partition that
you normally boot Milo from, and copy the new Milo there?

Alternatively, just set up another ARC boot option to load Milo from floppy.

There's really no reason you need to use the Fail Safe Loader.

> I have put the milo.dd on a floppy, but I don't know exactly where
> the jumper is to make it boot a floppy disk.

I haven't been successful booting Milo directly from a floppy disk using
the FSL. As Jay Estabrook pointed out, the current Milo release for the UDB
expects to be loaded by ARC, so it doesn't actually initialize all the

> Isn't it a huge pain in the butt to have to open up the machine and move a
> jumper every time you want to boot from floppy?

You don't have to change the jumper to boot from floppy. You only have to
change the jumper if you want to load *firmware* from the floppy. This is
equivalent to loading a new BIOS on PCs that have a flash BIOS and the main
BIOS has been corrupted. It's not something you should have to do very

Since I'm hacking Milo and FMU, I am just leaving the jumper in place, and
always booting SRM from floppy, then using it to load ARC or Milo. I've
been considering wiring up some small switches to the boot selection and
reset jumpers. I'll probably mount the switches to the metal panel in
front of the hard drive (under the floppy).

On my other UDB I've never had any reason to change the jumper, despite
having upgraded to new versions of Milo and Linux many times.


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