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Huw Davies (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 09:18:45 +1100

At 11:58 AM 11/15/96 -0600, Chris Adams wrote:
>I am buying a DEC Multia (aka UDB) soon, and I have a couple of
>questions that I did not find an answer to in the HOWTOs I read.
>The box I am buying has NT preloaded on it. Is it possible for Linux
>and NT to co-exist? In other words, can I do a 'dual-boot' on an Alpha
>like I can with LILO on a x86 machine?

My UDB is setup with NT (v4) on the internal 340Mb drive and Redhat (v3) on
the external 1Gb disk. I installed Linux first and then partitioned the
340Mb disk into a 20Mb dos partition and the rest for NT.

I have Linux set up as the default operating system. After installing NT, it
became the default operating system but five minutes of reconfiguring Linux
is again the default. One disappointing aspect is that even after upgrading
to 48Mb, NT is just appallingly slow - much slower than the 120MHz P5 laptop
I use normally :-) Linux on the other hand is much faster than the 486DX2-66
it replaced.

Now to my questions:

1) Is there a guide to the steps necessary to upgrade to Redhat v4. I have
all the rpms on a disk attached to the UDB but I've no idea of how to proceed.

2) When starting linux up it quite often hangs after starting X but before the
XDM window appears. Logging in via the network and doing a kill -HUP fixes

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