Netatalk on an Alpha

Brian E.W. Wood (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 12:23:18 -0500 (EST)

Sorry I for get who, but somebody posted a message about having
a Netatalk compilation fail when building afpd.

I just got netatalk working on my UDB this morning. I had the same
problem but it was solved by using a patch to the afpd source which
is apparently required if you are using libc 5.2.18 or later.

The file you need is patched_afpd_1.0.tar.gz. I got it from the
same umich site that I got the netatalk source but I think you
can get it from the author at

If you are using shadow passwords you will also need to get a new
auth.c or else create a user with an empty password (very risky).
I'm not sure where to get this but I would geuss you could find it
(or a pointer to it) at the umich site.

I'm using appletalk as an installable module so I did not have to
re-compile the kernel for AT support.

Really does work well :-)

Brian E.W. Wood
"Would you put your money in a bank which used Windows '95 to manage accounts?"

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