Re: FMU.GZ crashing

Eric Smith (
17 Nov 1996 09:59:17 -0000

David Mosberger-Tang <davidm@AZStarNet.COM> wrote:
> In particular, do NOT touch segments 0-2 in the flash ROM since that's
> where the minidebugger lives. If the minidebugger goes south, you're in
> for real trouble (it's possible to recover from that case still, but it's
> hairy).

It's not that hairy, is it?

I've wiped out the entire flash on my UDB twice, once deliberately and once
by accident while hacking fmu. All I had to do was move the jumper from the
normal boot setting to the emergency recovery setting, boot SRM from the
recovery floppy, and reprogram the flash. It worked fine.

The UDB and Noname don't seem to have the same bootopt mechanism as the
other systems, and I haven't yet figured out exactly how it works. The
UDB normally has SRM in blocks 0-7 and ARC in blocks 8-11. It always starts
in SRM, but if you've told SRM to use ARC it will automatically load it and
switch over.

I think the SROM is always loading the first image (equivalent to bootopt
128 on other platforms), because if I put ARC or Milo in blocks 0-3 they will
start up first, even if you tell ARC to boot SRM (and put SRM in blocks 4-11).

I'd really like to get a copy of the UDB SROM source code, but so far none
of the people in Digital to whom I've enquired have responded.

By the way, on other platforms can you just set bootopt to 7 to boot directly
to Milo regardless of it's position in the flash?


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