Flash, SRM, FMU, and UDB (was Re: FMU.GZ crashing)

Eric Smith (eric@brouhaha.com)
17 Nov 1996 09:47:06 -0000

Maurice Hilarius <maurice@ellpspace.math.ualberta.ca>
> Also, isn't that a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation? Don't you need fmu
> to "flash MILO into the ROM" ?

If you don't have SRM, fmu is the only way I know of to do it.

But SRM does have commands to write the flash (at least on my UDB).
For instance, on a UDB from SRM you can say
>>update -path fat:arc.exe/dva0 -target arcflash
to update the ARC console. So in principle if you got the SRM firmware
for your EB164 you might be able to use it to program Milo into the flash.

Note that on the Noname and the UDB the flash images have a different
header than on other systems, and fmu is what constructs that header.
I think the normal milo build produces a milo.something that has the
right ROM header for other systems. But I could be mistaken since I've
only mucked with the flash on a UDB.

Before anyone says, "but you can't use fmu on a UDB", I suppose I should
mention that I've hacked it so I can. It was pretty close already, since
the UDB is so similar to the Noname. There are still some details I
need to fix; when I'm done I'll send my diffs to Dave Rusling to be
incorporated in an official Milo release.


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