Re: FMU.GZ crashing

David Mosberger-Tang (davidm@AZStarNet.COM)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 01:26:02 -0700

>>>>> On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 00:21:05 -0700, Maurice Hilarius <> said:

Maurice> Hi all. I recently went to run the newer fmu.gz from
Maurice> dec/milo/testimages, and it simply forced a CIA machine
Maurice> check and locked the machine. I am running it on an
Maurice> EB164/300MHz. Everything else works normally, and the
Maurice> system is quite stable, otherwise.

>> Did you try to run it when booting through SRM? I had the same
>> problem when powering up in SRM, loading MILO from floppy, and
>> then attempting to run fmu.gz. I ended up flashing MILO into the
>> ROM. Once you power up directly into MILO, you can run fmu.gz
>> just fine. Definitively a bug, though.

Maurice> No. The system has ARC only. It was not purchased with SRM
Maurice> firmware.

Maybe the same problem exists with ARC.

Maurice> I suupose it would be possible to put SRM on it,
Maurice> but that would not be legal. Right? Also, isn't that a
Maurice> bit of a "chicken and egg" situation? Don't you need fmu to
Maurice> "flash MILO into the ROM" ?

No, the mini debugger can do that, too. Write milo.rom onto a DOS
floppy (use mcopy under Linux---NOT mount -t msdos!), hook up a serial
line to /dev/cua0 at 9600 baud, reboot system into MILO (e.g., using a
floppy boot), issue MILO command "bootopt 0", power cycle the machine,
you should get a nice prompt from the minidebugger. If so, do:

flload milo.rom

Then do a "romlist" to find an empty spot in the FLASH (or a spot that
you're willing to nuke), then do:

flash 200000 SEGMENT

where SEGMENT is the number of the first flash segment that you want
to overwrite. Finally, do a "bootopt N" in the minidebugger where is
128 if MILO is the first ROM image, 129 if MILO is the second image,

Of course, this is all from memory and has the potential to render
your machine unusable. In particular, do NOT touch segments 0-2 in
the flash ROM since that's where the minidebugger lives. If the
minidebugger goes south, you're in for real trouble (it's possible to
recover from that case still, but it's hairy).


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