Re: Insmod-bfd

Paul Stewart (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 03:17:30 -0500

In message <>, Michal Jaegerman
n writes:
>> Has anyone else had trouble with modules utilities on the Alpha?
>Modules are working for me without problems but only if CONFIG_MODVERSIONS
>is set. Otherwise I always see complaints about wrong kernel version
>with nonsensical version strings. But this is with insmod which I got
>from azstarnet, I think (no rpm). All versions from rpm packages I
>tried failed on me one way or another. I did not try RH 4.0 yet.

I ran into a similar problem in loading modules. I do not have
CONFIG_MODVERSIONS. I didn't have the problems Michal had, but the ones
Tim did:

if (check_size > code_size) {
fprintf (stderr,
"%s: module is %ld bytes long (expected %ld)\n"
"%s: forgot to specify -dc when linking %s?\n",
prog_name, check_size, code_size, prog_name, file_name);

That's a quote from the insmod source of the message that is printed. My
solution was to comment out that check. It worked for me, but your mileage
may vary. I'm not happy with that solution at all, and use modules quite
sparingly as a result (only PCMCIA and sound).


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