Installing RedHat 4.0 on UDB

Nicholas Alexander Bastin (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 19:59:32 -0500 (EST)

Ok, I've got this wee little problem...<g> I have a 266 Mhz DEC UDB with
88 megs of ram and a 528 meg hard drive and I had it shipped with RH 4.0
pre-installed. Unfortunately, I blew away linux while trying to use it as
an X server while updating the kernel (oops...<g>). Anyhow, I got the
boot images from redhat and put them onto floppy with rawrite and booted
my UDB to reinstall Linux. However, I don't have the CD's yet (I had them
shipped overnight 9 days ago...) so I tried to install over FTP, and it
failed every time, giving me a whole bunch of comps errors and not finding
the packages. So, failing that, I uploaded the 190 meg tar archive ox the
/redhat-4.0/axp directory to a local ISP that I had root access on and NFS
exported the directory after untarring it. When I tried to NFS mount the
directory, that also failed, never even reaching the server before giving
me errors (I don't remember which ones...). So, anyhow, is there a bug in
the boot images that doesn't allow you to use FTP or NFS mount, ot am I
really doing something terribly wrong? And, in either case, how can I get
Linux installed on my machine ASAP...(this needed to be done a week ago at
the latest...) Thanks in advance.

Nick Bastin

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