InstallingRed Hat on a UDB

Adam Forsyth (forsyth@mill2.MillComm.COM)
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 18:38:01 -0600 (CST)

Here is my dilemma.

The directions I got with my UDB state that I should find a program
called rawrite.exe in a \dosutils directory on my red hat CD and a
\images directory that will contain noname.img and ramdisk.img.

When I look at my redhat cd I see no dosutils directory, and I see
nothing in the images directory. My other dilemma was thatthe PC that I
have access to does not have A CDROM drive.

My solution was to goto in the
pub/redhat/redhat-4.0/axp/images directory and pick up the two image
files and the rawrite program. When I run the rawrite program usng the
command rawrite -f noname.img -d a: -n the PC seems to just hang, and
never comes back. Since I'm not using a CD and have the images on my c
drive I also had the thought that the -d in the above command might be
indicating the d drive and I tried a -c with the same results.

Is rawrite such a slow program (I'm running on a 386 which doesn't help
either) that I wouldn't have seen any activity with the disk in 30 min?

Does anybody know where the images and rawrite actually are on the CD?
I'm looking at it on my macintosh for lack of a pc with a CD ROM. My mac
has always been able to read PC disks and CD's before so I don't think
its lying to me.

Any suggestions on how to make rawrite work from the C drive?

Adam Forsyth

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