Re: X crashing
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 17:00:51 +0500

>>> Kirk Vogelsang said:
> I have a UDB 266Mhz w/ 56MB RAM with RedHat 4.0. The X server is
> XF86_TGA.
> I keep gettin these errors:
> Nov 16 13:53:44 lysithea kernel: X(1027): unaligned trap at 000000012015917
> 4: 000000012072a8bc 29 4
> and X logs me out of my current session and back to xdm.
> Any ideas?

I hope you installed the EV4 version from the 4.0 CDROM's X/ directory.
The EV5 version is *not* for UDB's, but platforms using the EV5 CPU.

Second, there are some new TGA servers on in the
pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/ directory that may work better for you:


The 3.2 version is part of the latest XFree86 3.2 release, so sources are
available for it; it will also run on either EV4 or EV5 based platforms.

Give them a try, see if either of them help.

But note that the unaligned trap messages are simply warnings, and are not
the cause of the server recycling back to XDM. Check that a simple "startx"
or "xinit" works, then look into possible XDM and authorization/configuration


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