Re: FMU.GZ crashing

David Mosberger-Tang (davidm@AZStarNet.COM)
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:51:25 -0700

>>>>> On Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:44:55 -0700, Maurice Hilarius <> said:

Maurice> Hi all. I recently went to run the newer fmu.gz from
Maurice> dec/milo/testimages, and it simply forced a CIA machine
Maurice> check and locked the machine. I am running it on an
Maurice> EB164/300MHz. Everything else works normally, and the
Maurice> system is quite stable, otherwise.

Did you try to run it when booting through SRM? I had the same
problem when powering up in SRM, loading MILO from floppy, and then
attempting to run fmu.gz. I ended up flashing MILO into the ROM.
Once you power up directly into MILO, you can run fmu.gz just fine.
Definitively a bug, though.


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